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Play Space Rules Starting June 15th

We are requesting but not requiring masks to be worn in the play space. Players must do their best to maintain social distancing while playing. There will be a cap of 16 players allowed in the play space at a time.Players will be allowed to buy tickets to reserve...

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New Shopping Site Coming

New Shopping Site Coming

We just wanted to let everyone know we have currently started the process of switching off of Square. The site is still up and can be purchased from. We are excited to be switching to our new Point of Sale which will integrate web, In store, and some other exciting...

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In Store Shopping Available May 18th

The Dork Den will be open for in-store shopping starting Monday, May. 18th. Our hours will be Monday through Saturday from 11am to 7pm, and Sundays 12-5. We will also be closed on Monday, May 25th, for Memorial Day. When we reopen, things will be different as we adapt...

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Learn More About Our Selection

Magic The Gathering

Magic All Week

Magic is a popular and long running card game that reaches a huge audience. On top of that, there are quite a few different formats to support, so along with the obvious Friday Night Magics there are a bunch of other events going on throughout the week:

Monday Pauper 6:30pm
Tuesday Modern 6:30pm

Free Standard 4:30pm

Paid Standard 6:30pm

Commander 7:00pm

Booster Draft (After FMN)

Saturday Showdown 6:30pm

We also hold special events throughout the year like pre-releases, PPTQs, Store Championships and more. Check out our full event calendar on our Facebook page to find those events.

Magic Singles

If you’re looking for single cards to build your Magic deck or expand your collection, we boast a hefty inventory of Magic singles spanning across all sets new and old. All of our singles are organized, sorted, and inventoried in an online database through Crystal Commerce. No need to sift through boxes or binders, just use the terminals at the store or your computer at home to peruse through our inventory.

Ordering cards from home is easy and comes at no additional charge or pre-purchase. Just place your order for pickup and we’ll set the cards aside for you behind the counter up to a couple of weeks.


Pokémon League & Challenges

Saturday afternoons from 4pm – 6pm is Pokémon League: 2 hours of dueling, trading and learning with our Pokémon Professor (and Dork Den employee) Anthony. League is a family friendly night all about playing the Pokémon card game whether you’re brand new or a Poké veteran, and hanging out with the coolest Pokémon Professor around.

Along with our weekly League, The Dork Den hosts Pokémon tournaments once a month, pre-releases for new card expansions, and every summer, a Pokémon Camp for kids all about learning the fundamentals of the game and all the important lessons that come with them.

For more info check out our full event calendar on our Facebook page. 

Pokémon Singles

Along with a selection of bulk common, uncommon, rare and trainer Pokémon cards available, we have a display case full of more expensive goodies like GX and EX cards as well as the occasional full art and secret rare cards.  All of these case worthy cards are for sale, so make sure to check out the case when you’re next in.


You can also view and reserve any cards in our system from home.
Board Games

tons of demo games

If you’re debating on buying a certain board game, or just want to try out a game you keep hearing about, we have a wide array of demo games old and new for you to try out for free in our play space. The selection spans across all genres and we’re constantly updating with new releases. Make sure to check out the 2 demo tables located in the store too. They usually have a couple of ready-to-play new games on them.

Board Game Night

Thursday night board games is one of the most laid back and open-ended nights of the week. Stop by and jump into a game or bring your own and recruit other people hanging out at the store. Like our other events, it’s a great way to meet new people and form new board game bonds. With the massive game collections that some of our regulars have and our selection of demo games, there’s no shortage of choices.

Comic Books

Free Subscription Service

New comic books hit shelves every Wednesday, and if you don’t want to worry about missing out on your favorite comics we’ll order and hold every comic you subscribe to with a free bag & board for storage after you’re done reading.

Want to subscribe to something? Ask us in store or fill out a subscription form with some contact information and we’ll get your subscriptions started right away!

Special Orders

Whether it’s a variant, a graphic novel, or just a regular comic, we’ll order it by request. Comics often go out of print quickly, and some have heavy incentives on them, so if you’re looking for something let us know sooner rather than later for your best chance at getting that sweet issue you missed out on.

Want to special order something? Fill out a special order form with some contact information and we’ll get them ordered!


two days of play

Yu-Gi-Oh! Has a strong and dedicated community base always looking for more players young, old, new, and/or veteran. They’re a tight knit and friendly group that hold events twice per week:      

Wednesday Open Play 6:00pm
Sunday Tournament 2:00pm

Yu-Gi-Oh occasionally has special events like Sneak Peeks and special game days as well, so check out our full event calendar on our Facebook page

OTS Packs and Promos

Yu-Gi-Oh! often incentivises tournament play and purchasing product by offering exclusive cards and other goodies in return. By playing in an advanced tournament on Sunday or Wednesday, you’re guaranteed at least 1 OTS Booster Pack, a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards only available in tournament settings.

Additionally, Konami recently announced and have been doing a “Spend $30” incentive. If you spend at least $30 at the store on Yu-Gi-Oh! product you’ll receive a Lost Art Promo, which as of late has been an exclusive reprint of each piece of Exodia The Forbidden One. Keep your eye out if you want to get your hands on one or more of them!

Warhammer 40K

Monday Night Open Play

Warhammer 40K is our most popular and longest running tabletop miniatures game with a dedicated community here at the Den. Monday night at 6:00 is the night for 40K open play. There are plenty of open tables reserved for the spacious game, table boards and terrain provided by the store, and a lot of friendly 40K players to boot.

If you have any questions or want to get familiar with some of the 40K regulars, they have an active Mankato Area facebook group! Feel free to check it out:


Saturday Tournaments

If you’re looking for a more competitive setting than our Monday night open play, we host a 40K tournament usually once a month on Saturday mornings. Entry is $15.00 with 2 drinks and pizza included, plus all entry fees go back into the prize pool! Keep an eye on the Facebook event calendar to catch those dates when they’re posted.

Star Wars Legion

Tuesday Night open Play

Tuesday night is for Star Wars Legion, a quickly growing and well designed table top miniatures game from Fantasy Flight. If you’re looking to get into a tactical miniatures game and you’re a Star Wars fan, Legion is the perfect game for you. Well made art and fan service goes a long way in the Star Wars fandom and Fantasy Flight delivers.

If you’re interested and/or ready to jump in, check out open play Tuesdays at 6:00pm.

Tournaments and Event Kits

Fantasy Flight is fairly generous when it comes to giving out promotional material, so there is always new goodies to be had for participating in tournaments scheduled around event kits provided by the company. Promos range anywhere from alternate art cards, metal tokens, and other various upgrades that will spiff up your army.

These tournaments are usually on Saturdays, so check out the full event calander for when we schedule the next one.

Dungeons & Dragons

Books, Minis, and More

Whether you’re looking for the newest monster book, rule book or miniatures for your D&D adventures, we have a wide selection of options for DMs, veteran players and people just starting their adventures into the ever popular RPG.

Our miniature wall is constantly growing with the new and frequent waves of character race, gender and class combinations as well as monsters, npcs, and even objects like treasure chests and barrels. If your character doesn’t already have a miniature on our wall, it’s only a matter of time.

WizKids has a pretty useful online tool for looking at all the minis, so check it out below if you want to see if your favorite character or monster has been made.


Every Sunday at 3:00 and every Wednesday at 6:00 we hold Adventurers League: a new-and-old player friendly 4 hour event where you jump in and play a pre-built campaign with really good Dungeon Masters. There’s no worrying about groups, DMs, or story design, you just sign up, pay a $10 entry fee and you’re off into the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Adventurers League really is a saving grace for players unsure of where and how to begin with playing D&D. It can be a daunting game when you’re first starting out and we understand that. League is a great place to start and grow from, or even stick with forever.

Kids D&D

Every season we hold a Kids D&D adventure, an event similar to Adventurers League but designed and implemented specifically for young roleplayers. Entry cost will cover all of the materials they need to begin their adventures, but the spots fill up quick so sign up early. Check out the full event calendar on our Facebook page to see the next Kids D&D event.

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