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Mystic Vale

     A curse has been placed on the Valley of Life. Hearing the spirits of nature cry out for aid, clans of druids have arrived, determined to use their blessings to heal the land and rescue the spirits. It will require courage and also caution, as the curse can overwhelm the careless who wield too much power.

      In Mystic Vale, 2 to 4 players take on the role of druidic clans trying to cleanse the curse upon the land. Each turn, you play cards into your field to gain powerful advancements and useful vale cards. Use your power wisely, or decay will end your turn prematurely. Score the most victory points to win the game!

      Mystic Vale uses the innovative "Card Crafting System", which lets you not only build your deck, but build the individual cards in your deck, customizing each card's abilities to exactly the strategy you want to follow.


Ages 10+

Time: 45-60 min

2-4 Players


Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

In the game, players take on the roles of investigators attempting to solve a murder case – but there's a twist. The killer is one of the investigators! Each player's role and team are randomly assigned at the start of play and include the unique roles of Forensic Scientist, Witness, Investigator, Murderer, and Accomplice. While the Investigators attempt to deduce the truth, the murderer's team must deceive and mislead. This is a battle of wits!

Ages 13+

Time: 230 min

2-4 Players


Beyond Baker Street

A heinous crime has been committed. A team of the Kingdom's finest detectives has been assembled and put on the case. They have a prime suspect, they have a motive, and they know what the opportunity to commit the crime was. Now all they have to do is prove it.

Using powers of deduction and communication, the players work as a team to eradicate dead leads and find clues to prove who, how, and why. All the relevant clues are available to them to do so. They just won't know it. On top of that, Sherlock Holmes himself is already on the case. Can they solve the crime before he does?


Ages 13+

Time: 10 min

2-4 Players


Mansions of Madness 2nd

In ancient Egypt, even a lowly peasant could seek an audience with the Pharaoh, and in Favor of the Pharaoh 2–4 players vie for the Pharaoh's favor by working their way up through Egyptian society, gathering influence (represented by dice and powers) to gain entry to the next level of society. Once any player gains the Queen's influence, a final contest occurs for the Pharaoh's favor.


Ages 14+

Time: 120-180 min

1-5 Players

Review: Green Arrow #1

Green Arrow #1

Review by: Anthony

Oliver Queen has always been the epitome of having a lot to deal with in the DC Universe.

With a corporation to run, constant personal turmoil to deal with, and always being in the middle of fights way above his level when helping the Justice League, Green Arrow lives no easy life, and that’s often what makes this grumpy, veteran, mortal hero so relatable. There’s no doubt that Green Arrow has a large and dedicated fan base and since his reboot in 2011 with the rest of the DC line up, the fans have been somewhat disappointed with the New 52 run that Green Arrow had, and while his comic was never canceled and it managed a full 52 issue continuous run until Rebirth it was time to heed the fan’s call and bring Green Arrow back to his roots, so throw on a goatee, and old school Green Arrow attitude, and a familiar but charismatic relationship with Black Canary and you have your classic and extremely enjoyable to read Green Arrow story, but like I said, Oliver Queen’s life comes with a lot of struggle, any reader knows that, and with so much on Oliver’s plate, they’re not dialing back that struggle at all.

Green Arrow has had his bouts with the Justice League and some of their most dangerous and greatest battles, but he still borders on the line of a B or a C class hero. What makes him so great is that fact exactly, and because he’s so out of his league, but keeps his sarcastic and cocky personality he’s an easy character to love, but that doesn’t come without a price. Green Arrow is sometimes arrogant, full of pride, and sometimes lets things go over his head despite his genius intellect. Such is the human condition and unfortunately that can hurt you a lot. Queen Industries is thriving, Queen’s relationship with fan favorite Black Canary is going as well as it could ever, and his sister Emi who Oliver has been watching over and helping train in the way of the arrow for the past year is Oliver’s pride and joy, but even in the midst of so much positivity Oliver finds himself utterly betrayed by someone close to him, and someone he without a shred of doubt trusted with his life. This huge shift of tone and mood comes within only a couple of pages of each other does a fine job of transitioning unexpectedly.

I’ve always preferred Green Arrow as a team player rather than solo artist. Oliver is the kind of guy to say he works alone but always has someone along with him, and they really played on that idea well in this story, and I’m sure that will continue in the future as a “Black Canary and Green Arrow” kind of way. As I stated before, Rebirth has mostly been about returning to DC’s roots without rebooting, and Green Arrow is no exception to his plan, much of what we saw in the old Green Arrow stories we’re seeing again in this new 52 continuity and it’s extremely refreshing from the previous and sometimes not great Green Arrow run. The new 52 was about trying new things, Rebirth is about effectively combining the new with the old and from it comes a compelling, uniquely drawn and fun to read Green Arrow #1. The story so far promises a lot of classic Green Arrow story driven fun with a beautiful art style and a very old school Oliver Queen. I’m definitely excited for what’s to come in this series and what’s down the road for Mr. Queen.