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Fate Reforged

Booster Box

Fate Reforged will go on sale when we open on January 23rd. We will have plenty of product at both the Mankato and New Ulm locations so stop in and pick up the newest Magic the Gathering Set.


Ages 13+

Time: 180 min

2-6 Players



Land of Druids

Lagoon is a game in which 1-4 players (4 play as opposing teams of 2) each lead a circle of druids to shape the fantastical world of Lagoon by harnessing the power of its magical lands to bend destiny. The landscape bristles with three divine energies. Every player action alters the balance of power among those energies, and thus the players collectively determine Lagoon’s destiny. One divine energy shall inherit Lagoon, and the player who best served it wins!

Ages 10+

Time: 60 min

1-4 Players



In Quantum, each player is a fleet commander from one of the four factions of humanity, struggling to conquer a sector of space. Every die is a starship, with the value of the die determining the movement of the ship, but also its combat power - with low numbers more powerful. So a [ 6 ] is a quick but fragile Scout and a [ 1 ] is a slow but mighty Battlestation.

Ages 13+

Time: 60 min

2-4 Players

Review: Coloretto


Reviewed by: Dave

2-5 players

30 minutes


Are you one of the millions of people who want nothing more than to play a card game laced with various shades of chameleons to show fealty to our gentle reptilian overlords?  Coloretto has you covered!


If you're in that minority of non-chameleon worshippers, Coloretto is still something you can enjoy with your lizard-loving amigos.  It's a quick set-building game, revolving around timing and strategic card placement; do you take one or two cards for a few fast points, or hold out for more and risk dipping your point total into the negatives?


Coloretto's cards come in seven different colors, along with a few bonus cards.  The game revolves around your ability to collect as many as you can of three separate colors while avoiding the other colors as much as possible.  Points for each color grow larger the more cards you have of that color (1 for one card, 3 for two cards, 6 for three, up to 21 for a six-card set).  However, those points turn negative for every color you have beyond three.  As players place cards into rows on the board, the question becomes, do you grab the one useful card in a row, or do you wait to see if you can manipulate the board so you earn even more points?


Coloretto is quick and easy to learn.  It slots well into a gaming night as a warm-up for more involved games or a way to keep very casual players involved; it's the kind of quick game you'll play once or twice a night for many nights, rather than feel compelled to run several times in a row.