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Fate Reforged

Booster Box

Fate Reforged will go on sale when we open on January 23rd. We will have plenty of product at both the Mankato and New Ulm locations so stop in and pick up the newest Magic the Gathering Set.


Ages 13+

Time: 180 min

2-6 Players



Land of Druids

Lagoon is a game in which 1-4 players (4 play as opposing teams of 2) each lead a circle of druids to shape the fantastical world of Lagoon by harnessing the power of its magical lands to bend destiny. The landscape bristles with three divine energies. Every player action alters the balance of power among those energies, and thus the players collectively determine Lagoon’s destiny. One divine energy shall inherit Lagoon, and the player who best served it wins!

Ages 10+

Time: 60 min

1-4 Players



In Quantum, each player is a fleet commander from one of the four factions of humanity, struggling to conquer a sector of space. Every die is a starship, with the value of the die determining the movement of the ship, but also its combat power - with low numbers more powerful. So a [ 6 ] is a quick but fragile Scout and a [ 1 ] is a slow but mighty Battlestation.

Ages 13+

Time: 60 min

2-4 Players

Review: Firefly: Pirates & Bounty Hunters

Firefly expansion: Pirates & Bounty Hunters

Reviewed by Bailee

2 – 6 players

1.5 + hours



Pirates & Bounty Hunters adds a few new game mechanics that makes the game more competitive and cut throat. There are now bounties on some of our out-law characters. This means you have the opportunity to capture them and bring them to the authorities for money. If one of the wanted characters is in a discard pile you may “showdown” with them. To have a showdown, the attacker (you) will pick your best skill and make a roll on that, the defender, in this case the out-law, will  roll (through the player to your right) against you with their best skill. If you win, you bind them by law, if you lose there are conditions on each out-law that you have to follow.


If, however, the out-law is already part of someone’s crew a couple of things can happen. The captain of that crew can choose to turn them in, disgruntling all other crew members, or you can raid their ship and steal the out-law. To raid someone’s ship you must pass a “boarding test” which  is a tech or negotiate skill test of 6+, after you complete that a showdown takes place with normal rules, but you’re not fighting just the out-law but the whole crew.


There are now new job types: Pirate jobs. These are missions that require you to steal from your fellow players. In order to steal from them you must first pass a boarding test then have a showdown with your target. You cannot attack another player unless you have a job saying you may.


They also introduce havens that can be used depending on the storyline you choose to play. One storyline allow for free fueling and shore leave. More jobs, crew and items were included in the expansion, but my favorite inclusion are the new ships.


There are two new ships one can play: S.S Walden and the Interceptor. The S.S Walden has a cargo hold of fifteen with no stash. Compared to the twelve the Firefly class has. It is immune to “heavy load” which is a penalty for having heavy cargo that some mission will give you causing you to pay two fuel instead of one for a full burn. It also can go only four sectors on a full burn compared to the five a Firefly can go.


The Interceptor has a reduced cargo hold of four, with only a four member crew. Trade off for this however, is that it doesn’t require fuel to go into full burn and it can move eight sectors. It also provides one tech for boarding tests. There are only two slots for improving your ship and each new add-on reduces the full burn range by one.


The new ships are by far the most interesting new thing in this expansion. I’m not super into direct conflict in the games I play. I mostly play this game with three players and it is easy to play nice. I image if you were to play with more people there would be more conflict, but as of yet I haven’t had many games were piracy has played a huge roll.