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    In Islebound, you take command of a ship and crew. You sail to island towns, collecting resources, hiring crew, and commissioning buildings for your capital city. Each building has a unique ability, and your combination of buildings can greatly enhance your strength as a trader, builder, or invader. You also recruit pirates and sea monsters to conquer towns, which, once conquered, allow you to complete the town action for free, and charge a fee to opponents if they want to use it. Alternatively, you can complete events that give influence, which can be used to befriend towns.


Ages 13+

Time: 60-120 min

2-4 Players



In the game, players take on the roles of investigators attempting to solve a murder case – but there's a twist. The killer is one of the investigators! Each player's role and team are randomly assigned at the start of play and include the unique roles of Forensic Scientist, Witness, Investigator, Murderer, and Accomplice. While the Investigators attempt to deduce the truth, the murderer's team must deceive and mislead. This is a battle of wits!


4 Gods

Four Gods is a real-time tile-laying game in which players create a world — one tile at a time — before laying claim to one of the four gods of their world and attempting to win followers by sending prophets into that world.

In more detail, players sit outside of a cardboard frame that represents the limits of the world. Each player starts with two randomly-drawn tiles in hand, with each double-sided tile depicting 1-3 types of landscape out of the four types present in the world.



Ages 13+

Time: 15-30 min

2-4 Players


Mansions of Madness 2nd

In ancient Egypt, even a lowly peasant could seek an audience with the Pharaoh, and in Favor of the Pharaoh 2–4 players vie for the Pharaoh's favor by working their way up through Egyptian society, gathering influence (represented by dice and powers) to gain entry to the next level of society. Once any player gains the Queen's influence, a final contest occurs for the Pharaoh's favor.


Ages 14+

Time: 120-180 min

1-5 Players

Review: Steven Universe 2016 Special #1

Steven Universe 2016 Special #1

Review by: Anthony

Steven Universe is a treasure that airs in 11 minute segments on Cartoon Network, it’s an ever growing-in-popularity animated show known to push the boundaries of social norms while keeping a light hearted but truly deep theme to it. The show’s filled to the brim with legitimately good humor, intense action, life lessons and occasionally some wonderful and memorable original songs. To top it off, Steven Universe comes with an expanded storyline about a teenage boy and his alien guardians named after precious gems (Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl), and an actually super well thought out lore and history within its world, the show leaves us hanging quite a bit, and it’s extremely careful about very slowly releasing canonical information to its fans whether through interviews or the show itself, so you get the impression that not only does the cartoon Steven Universe matter to these creators, the story and the lore does at well, and that’s pretty incredible for what you would expect out of a Cartoon Network kid’s show.

What Kaboom has here with Steven Universe in comic book form is an opportunity to greatly expand upon the universe of the show. Introducing new and interesting characters, telling more story or history of the Gem ‘homeworld’ which is always sought after because of its mysterious past, or even more about Steven’s mother who lead the Gems but died in order to bring Steven to life. Unfortunately the Steven Universe comic books simply aren’t doing that. Rather, the comics up to this point have largely been the short story-esque ‘adventures’ of Steven Universe type. They’re sort of pointless, though fun to read. Somewhat ugly at times as the art changes with the stories, but still fully enjoyable. Perhaps most importantly, often disjointed because the stories really don’t have anything to do with each other, or anything in the Steven Universe in general. They’re sometimes funny and enjoyable, sometimes really cool, but for the most part they lack almost everything Steven Universe is so incredible for. The 2016 Special doesn’t really change anything about that. It’s still sporadic, disjointed and a bit flimsy. The comic is funny and enjoyable for sure, but it does comes up severely short to it’s material.

The hope I hold onto with this comic book and Steven Universe in general is that with the popularity of the show, the comic book will continue to strive, and perhaps with more demand the canon of the show will expand into things like books and comics, similar to what Star Wars has done with comics and novels. Steven Universe has an incredible amount of potential to be more than what it is as a television show, and sadly, while this comic has its moments, it’s fails to deliver. If you like Steven Universe, I do suggest the comic, it’s fun and simple as a stand alone entity. If you’re looking for a high quality comic book, or an expansion upon the Steven Universe world, the comic isn’t going to do a whole lot for you.      5/10